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Motivational Time-Will you help others succeed?

MOTIVATIONAL TIME!!! Let’s help each other either get motivated or stay motivated. Can you be transparent to share your strength with others please?

Motivation Question: What was the one hardest challenge of 2013 you encountered and how did you get through it to continue on the road towards your success? Post your brief answer to help someone else stay positive, motivated, encouraged, & pursue their dreams to www.facebook.com/divasbosslady fanpage please. Thank you.Image


Sewing Up The Holes In Our Finances

Sewing Up The Holes In Our Finances

Thursday at 7-8pm….347-677-1602 Let’s talk FINANCES…. Sewing up the holes in our finances w/ Pamela Lawrence-Gaye, A Wealth Accumulation Specialist with LUSFG.  What money issues do you need help with.  Check out this show with Divas Boss Lady in The Recovery Room.

We are on the road to recovery and restoration.  Come join us. 347-677-1602 on Thursday from 7-8pm est. Leave your comments prior to the show regarding any questions you would like answered or financial topics you would like discussed here please. Thank you. -Divas Boss Lady #therecoveryroom