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No More Excuses Year 2014-Take the limits off!

No More Excuses Year 2014-Take the limits off!

Who told you that you would never be able to live out your dream? Who told you that you would always be broke, never own anything, always borrow, always be overweight/skinny/ugly? Who told you that because you are a certain race, people will never take you serious or support you, your products, or your businesses? This is the year in which we no longer need to have limitations or excuses set for us why we can’t do anything. This year, let’s push & remove the limitations “people” or “ourselves” have placed on us, as well as the excuses….. It’s a lie. So let’s prove them wrong….. This is a no more excuses year!!!! 2014….. Let’s get READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!! #therecoveryroom #divasbosslady #itsyourworldradio


Money Matters January Financial Series in The Recovery Room with D.B.L.

It’s Tax Season, “money season” so you think??? Correct? Do you know all that is involved with the new changes that have been made for this tax season 2014? Do you even know what you are going to do with the money that you will receive back? Pay off Holiday bills? Credit Card bills? Fix your credit? Buy a car? Buy a house? What about save? What about investments? What about flipping that money to make more money? Isn’t it time we stop wasting money on things that are temporary and learn how to make our money make money to really live an abundant, successful life?

Within this series, you will be educated about the tax changes, tax tips/expectations, budgeting your money, repairing your credit, investing your money, how to save even on a low income, how to flip your money with the right type of services, and so much more.

We’re going for a mind shift “surgery” in the Recovery Room. It’s time to awaken from the deep sleep of having a dream but not applying what’s needed to bring the dream of success to past.

My guests are trained and educated to assist you with questions or concerns. Presenting Pamela Lawrence-Gaye, Wealth Accumulation Specialists at LUSFG, along with JT Chandler, Sr. of JT Financial Services.

“Innovated changing hearts, minds, and lives”

1.2.14 Thursday at 7pm est Call in #347-677-1602 What questions do you have?